We have had some nice days this month as well as a few really cold ones! The new Winter Blend is getting rave reviews from everyone and the birds are giving it a 5-star rating as well! Come in and try some of this blend and help our feathered friends deal with these long nights and cold days.

These are the birds I've had at my feeders this month: White Throated Sparrows and Juncos are loving my Millet; White Winged Doves and Eurasian Collared Doves are enjoying it as well. The Pine Siskins & Goldfinch are eating my Finch Blend like crazy. The Blue Jays are loving peanuts in the shell and the Choice Blend while my sweet Orange Crowned Warbler is going to my suet every time! My Downy Woodpecker loves the suet & peanuts out of the shell while my House Finches are devouring the No Mess No Millet! The Cardinals are eating my Safflower as well as the House Finches.

The Starlings are back, but I've prepared my feeding stations for their onslaught! All of my suet is caged, my live mealworms are in a Starling-Proof Bluebird Feeder (I'm watching one of my bluebirds eating inside the feeder as I write this!) and I have put up a cage around my peanuts out of the shell.

Come see us soon and check out all of the new food, feeders and Valentine's items to make your backyard AND home a sanctuary!