September 2019

Can you believe it’s already September?! At WBU McKinney, we’re flying right into Fall! (Even if the weather hasn’t gotten the memo quite yet!)

You may have noticed activity has slowed down at your feeders or that they have left all together. We promise, it’s not you…it’s the birds! September and October can be pretty quiet. Now that breeding season has ended and the young birds are now independent eaters they are not as in need of a quick and easy food source, like our feeders. There is also an abundance of food out in nature. Insects, seeds, nuts, fruit…there’s food everywhere! But don’t get discouraged! Keep the food in your feeders fresh and available as Fall migration is upon us! Keep your binoculars nearby so you can get a close look at the unusual birds passing through our area!

It’s a common misconception that if we keep our Hummingbird feeders out towards the end of the season that they will choose to stay in our backyards instead of migrate. But Hummingbird’s innately know when to head towards warmer climates! So, no worries! You can keep offering fresh nectar even late in the season to help fuel their migration, and to help along any stragglers!

Birds at my feeders this month: Bluebirds (8 juveniles!!), Cardinals, Blue Jays, House Finch, Hummingbirds (Ruby Throated and Black Chinned), Carolina wrens, Mourning Doves, White Winged Doves, House Sparrows, Crows, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Mockingbirds, and 2 Starlings.