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Eliminator, Sky Cafe, Fundamental

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Dealing with Squirrels

Dealing with Squirrels

Take delight not only in seeing the finches, chickadees and other colorful birds you enjoy, but also in frustrating the squirrels.

There are three kinds of feeders in this world: squirrel bait squirrel-tolerant and squirrel-proof.

  • Squirrel bait feeders are mostly made of plastic or wood that squirrels can easily chew through or rip apart to get to the seeds. 
  • Squirrel-tolerant feeders are feeders that squirrels can eat from, but cannot destroy, such as high quality seed tube feeders with metal ports, lids and bottoms. 
  • With the right combination of baffles, feeder placement, or protective cages, just about any of these feeders can be made squirrel-proof. 
    • Our On Guard™ cages will stop squirrels from reaching the feeder while allowing small birds to go in and out.
    • Our Advanced Pole System® (APS) and Squirrel Baffle will keep the squirrels away from virtually any feeder you hang on it. 
  • Squirrel-proof feeders are feeders that when hung or mounted according to instructions are reliably squirrel-proof.
    • The Eliminator® and our Fundamental Squirrel-proof Feeders will stop squirrels from eating your seed. Featuring unique, weight-sensitive technology, the feeder's seed ports are closed when a squirrel touches the perch ring.

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