Binoculars and Accessories

Perhaps a backyard bird feeding station isn’t enough to meet your birding needs. Perhaps you want to get a closer view of your birds. At Wild Birds Unlimited, we can outfit you with the binoculars or spotting scope that's perfect for you and will get the job done. Looking for a small pair of inexpensive binoculars to take to the game? We can help you with that. We can help you there as well. We can also make maintenance easy and carrying more comfortable with our birding optics accessories. We carry a wide range of optics and accessories by Swarovski, Vortex and Eagle Optics. If we don’t have something in stock we are happy to order it in for you. Simply call, email or visit us in store to place an order.

Knowing the proper terminology and use will help you choose the binoculars that are best for you. Binoculars differ in three major areas: power, close focus and field of view.

  • Power is the first number listed on a binocular and is the magnification capability of the binocular. Eight power, which means you will see an object eight times closer than you could with your eyes, is considered average for a full-size binocular. (The second number is the objective lens (front lens), which indicates how much light enters the binocular - in general, the larger the number, the brighter the image.)
  • Close focus is the shortest distance that you'll be able to see in focus. If you are interested in birding in woods or your backyard, you'll want a binocular that has a short close focus.
  • Field of view is the widest area you can see when you look through the binocular. If you plan to use the binoculars to scan fields or over water, consider a binocular with a large field of view.

How to Focus Binoculars

  • As you focus, be sure to keep both eyes open
  • Cover the right lens and look through the left side with the left eye
  • Rotate the center focus to sharpen the image
  • Next, cover the left lens and look through the right side with the right eye
  • Adjust the diopter eyepiece until the image appears sharp
  • Look through the binoculars with both eyes and adjust the center focus so the object is clear