WBU McKinney's Best Sellers

Want to be in the know on our Best Sellers?! We have so many wonderful products and sometimes it's difficult to choose.  Whether you're just starting out in the hobby or just want to know the products that everyone loves here at WBU McKinney... here's the list for you! 

Bird Food

1.    No-Mess No Millet CD 20# 

2.    No-Mess Plus 20# 

3.    Choice Blend 20# 

4.    No-Mess Blend DP 20# 

5.    Fiery Feast 8#

6.    Safflower 20# 

7.    Peanuts in the Shell 25#

8.    Sunflower Chips - Medium 20#

9.    Dried Mealworms 20 oz.

10.  Bug Nut and Berry Cylinders

11.  Live Mealworms 5,000 count

12.  Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits

13.  Hot Pepper SuperSuet No-Mess Cylinder

Advanced Pole System

APS Hanging System

APS Squirrel Baffle

Bird Feeders

Eliminator Squirrel Proof Feeder

EcoClean Large Seed Tube Feeder