A variety of birds and other wildlife enjoy eating nectar and fruit.  Hummingbirds are typically the birds that we think of when talking about nectar (a mixture of sugar and water); however nectar is also enjoyed by orioles and butterflies.  It is important when providing nectar to keep it fresh as spoilage will discourage birds from feeding.  It is also important that any nectar offered does not have any artificial sweeteners or dyes as these can be harmful to the birds.  Nectar can be offered in a wide variety of WBU hummingbird, oriole and butterfly feeders. 

Fruit is offered in a variety of WBU products.  We offer fruit such as cranberries, blueberries, raisins, apricots, apples and cherries in our seed blends, suet, cylinders, Stackables™, Bark Butter° and much more.  Fruit is particularly popular among orioles, robins, catbirds and mockingbirds.  Orioles in particular are attracted to dark fruits and one of their favourites is grape jelly, which can be offered in a variety of feeders.

WBU McKinney has a wide variety of WBU Hummingbird Feeders and Oriole Feeders which accommodate nectar as well as fruit. 



WBU Hummingbird and Oriole Nectar: Attracting Hummingbirds and Orioles to your garden is as easy as providing the food and plants they prefer. Serving a nectar solution in feeders will supply a dependable source of energy that is comparable to the flowers on which they naturally feed.   Our WBU nectar is a high-energy nectar solution keeps Orioles and Hummingbirds robust and healthy.  It is 100% pure, safe, nutritious and beneficial with no dyes or additives.

Box Size: 8 Oz. 




Ready to Use Clear Hummingbird Nectar: Clear Hummingbird Nectar. No mixing necessary! Ready to pour into feeders! Made with Sucrose sugar, the sugar that most closely simulates the nectar from flowers.

Size: 32 fl oz. 






WBU Nectar Bottle: Create the ideal nectar solution for your hummingbirds with the WBU Nectar Bottle. Simply fill the container with warm or hot water, add one cup of table sugar or one box of WBU Hummingbird Nectar, replace the lid and shake until the sugar is dissolved. Use your new nectar solution right away, or refrigerate it (in the bottle) until you’re ready to fill your hummingbird feeders. Available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, our Nectar Bottle is top rack dishwasher safe and BPA free.  The WBU Nectar Bottle has a capacity to hold 4 cups (1 Liter).

Dimensions: 18.25” x 3.75”






Hummingbird Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender: After being tested by the bird experts and naturalists at Wild Birds Unlimited we are proud to offer Hummingbird Feeder Fresh. Hummingbird Feeder Fresh protects the birds and prevents nectar spoilage naturally. It contains a mineral micronutrient, copper, that keep nectar fresh much longer. This same mineral micronutrient is part of a hummingbird's natural diet of nectar and insects. With no artificial additives, colours or preservatives, this all-natural, bird-safe product also helps prevent cloudy nectar, which can put off your backyard hummers. Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender protects your nectar for weeks, and hummingbirds will enjoy fresh nectar every time they visit your feeder.



Nectar Fortress Naturally Ant Repellent: Ants can be a real pain in the nectar. They love sweet foods like jelly and nectar and can drown or get stuck in these foods causing it to spoil. While ant moats hanging above feeders work well not every feeder can accommodate one. Nectar Fortress Natural Ant Repellent is a natural gel with cinnamon, a smell that ants hate! Simply draw a line of this natural gel across any paths the ants might use to get nectar and they won’t go any further. Use on poles or hooks to create a barrier without causing harm. This gel is non-toxic and safe for use around children, birds and pets. Best of all its long lasting. One line of Nectar Fortress lasts the whole birding season.